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1st Fruit Offerings.mp3


A Burning Fire.mp3


Access To Your Help.mp3


A Famine In The Land.mp3


A Good Soldier of The Cross.mp3


A Great Cloud of Witnesses.mp3


A More Excellent Way.mp3


A Mystery Revealed.mp3


A new Heaven Revealed.mp3


A New Heaven.mp3


A Present Thing.mp3


A Right Spirit.mp3


A Secret Place in God.mp3


A Virtuous Woman.mp3


A Wise Man.mp3


And The Lord Made It To Prosper.mp3


Are You A Servant.mp3


Are You Being Purged.mp3


Are You Being Stalked.mp3


Are You Living In The Right Place.mp3


Are You In God's Perfect Place.mp3


Are You The Called of God.mp3


Are You Smarter Than a Critter.mp3


Are Your Heavens Closed.mp3


Are Your Eyes Opened Yet?


Away In a Manger.mp3


Away In a Manger Continued.mp3


Be a Faithful Servant.mp3


Be Angry and Sin Not.mp3


Be Of One Mind.mp3


Be Diligent.mp3


Be Persistant In Your Faith.mp3


Be Ready.mp3


Be Strong and Very Courageous.mp3


Branches Beautiful.mp3


Broken Chains.mp3


Broken Pieces.mp3


Casualty of War.mp3


Clean Out The Cobwebs.mp3




Chastisement, Godís Guiding Hand.mp3


Chosen By God Before Time Began.mp3


Citizens Relationship With God.mp3


Common Sense.mp3




Communion or Confusion.mp3


Consider Him That Endured.mp3


Count It All Joy.mp3


Corporate Anointing Pt 1.mp3


Corporate Anointing Pt 2.mp3


Covered By The Cloud.mp3


Create† In Me a Clean Heart.mp3


Current Events.mp3




Dead Men Walk.mp3


Declare The Works of The Lord.mp3


Destination vs Goals.mp3


Does God Make Mistakes.mp3


Do You Know Him.mp3


Do You Believe.mp3


Do You Know Your Lifes Purpose in God.mp3


Donít Be Deceived.mp3


Donít Be Soon Shaken.mp3


Donít Be Tempted.mp3


Donít Get It Twisted.mp3


Donít Let Your Heart Be Troubled.mp3


Donít Lose Your Mind.mp3


Don't Take It Personal.mp3


Donít Mess With The Light.mp3


Donít Mess With My Space.mp3


Effectual Faith.mp3


Efficient Ministers.mp3


Empty Winds of Knowledge.mp3




Equity In God.mp3


Exit Wounds.mp3


Evil For Evil.mp3








Famine Faith and The Future.mp3


Fathers Day.mp3


Father, They Just Donít Know.mp3


Fellowship,Faith and Furnace.mp3


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.mp3


Ferverent Love Conquers All.mp3


Finish The Course.mp3


Fire of Purpose.mp3


Firery Trials of Exceeding Joy.mp3


First Impressions.mp3




Follow The Star.mp3


For The End of All Things is at Hand.mp3


Free From Condemnation In Christ.mp3


Freedom From Your Attitude.mp3


Garbage In, Garbage Out.mp3


Get Over It.mp3


Get Understanding.mp3


Go Dip.mp3


Go Fishing.mp3


God Is Able.mp3


God is more than able.mp3


God's Elect.mp3


Godís Gift of Seasons.mp3


Godís Got Your Back.mp3


Godís Promise.mp3


Godís Perfect Plan.mp3


Going Forward To The Beginning.mp3


Going With Confidence into Difficult Places.mp3


Guard Your Heart.mp3


Harden Not Your Heart.mp3


Has God Announced Your Name.mp3


He Is Faithful.mp3


Here Today Gone Tomorrow.mp3


Hills of Glory.mp3


Highly Exalted.mp3


Hold On To Your Inheritance.mp3


Hope is Your Future.mp3


Hope, The Believers Faith.mp3


House Under Construction.mp3


How To Overcome The Storm.mp3


How Bad Do You Want It.mp3


I AM, Is The Door.mp3


I Am a Survivor.mp3


I Am a Treasure.mp3


I Am Thy God.mp3


I Am Victorious.mp3


I Am The Way.mp3


I Change Not.mp3


I Got a Feeling.mp3


I Know My God Is Able.mp3


I Only Escaped.mp3


Iím Ready For Change.mp3


I Thank God For Favor.mp3


In The Shadow of The Most High


Is Your Meal Barrel Full.mp3


Itís A Season To Build.mp3


I Shall Not Die But Live.mp3


I Will Answer Thee.mp3


I Will Never Leave Thee.mp3


I Will Not Forget Thy Word.mp3


Interrogating God.mp3



Jabez, The Man.mp3


Jesus Came With a Purpose.mp3


Jesus Is Building Himself.mp3


Jesus, The Exalted Servant.mp3


Jesus and Judas.mp3


Job a Man of Integrity.mp3


Joy Comes In The Morning.mp3


Joy in Jesus.mp3


Justified or Condemmed.mp3


Keep It Moving.mp3


Keep It Real.mp3


Keep Your Mind Stayed on the Lord.mp3


Keeping Your Breakthrough.mp3


Laborers With God.mp3


Learning To Live in Dying Places.mp3


Let Go and Let God.mp3


Live Long and Prosper.mp3


Love The Brethern.mp3


Love Your Enemies.mp3


Men Ought To Always Pray.mp3


My Grace Is Sufficient.mp3


My People Perish.mp3


Mothers Day.mp3


Mother of Deliverance.mp3


Mouth Trouble.mp3


Moving Forward.mp3


Out of The Whirlwind.mp3


My Help Cometh From The Lord.mp3


My Bush is Burning, But Iím Not Burnt.mp3


Nothing From Nothing is Nothing.mp3


Now Are We The Sons of God.mp3


Now Is Not The Time To Give Up.mp3


Now Faith Is.mp3


No Pain No Glory.mp3






Prayer and Praise 3.mp3


Prayer and Praise Service #2.mp3


Prayer and Praise Service.mp3


Possess Your Own Land.mp3


Rahab The Harlot.mp3


Remember Thy Creator.mp3


Seasonís Last Forever.mp3


Security In The Lord.mp3


Seeking Satisfaction.mp3




Show Thyself a Man.mp3


Shut The Hell Up.mp3




Simplify Your Conversation.mp3


Snakes In The Grass.mp3


Speak and Hold Not Back Thy Peace.mp3


Standing Alone For God.mp3


Stand Still and See.mp3


Stir Up The Gift.mp3


Stop The Bleeding.mp3




Striving To Be a Winner.mp3


Stolen By Consent.mp3


Take No Thought.mp3


Take No Thought For Your Life.mp3




The Author and Finisher of Our Faith.mp3


The Battle Belongs To God.mp3


The Battle Is Not Yours.mp3


The Blood.mp3


The Blood of Vengence.mp3


The Blood Over The Door.mp3


The Called of Christ.mp3


The Children of Light.mp3


The Chosen Race.mp3


The Cloud.mp3


The Delivery Man.mp3


The Door Of The Shepard.mp3


The Dry Bones.mp3


The Dry Bones Cont..mp3


The Dry Bones Cont Part3.mp3


The End of Days.mp3


See The Enemy Within.mp3


The Example.mp3


The Expectation of Hope.mp3


The Flood of God.mp3


The Fiery Trials of Your Mind.mp3


The Foundation.mp3


The Gift.mp3


The Jordan a River of Deliverance.mp3


The Just Shall Live By Faith.mp3


The Law, Divine or Damnation.mp3


The Lord's Supper.mp3


The Lordís Resurrection Supper.mp3


The Natures of Man.mp3


The Net of Destiny.mp3


The Next Level.mp3


The Old Nature Revealed.mp3


The Man In The Mirror.mp3


The Mind.mp3


The Monster Inside Me.mp3


The Path of Life.mp3


The Perfect Record of Truth.mp3


The Predator Within.mp3


The Price of Disobedience.mp3


The Real Wife of Shushan.mp3


The Reflection In The Mirror.mp3


The Shepards Sword.mp3


The Table is Ready.mp3


The True Gift of God.mp3


The Seed.mp3


The Wall.mp3


There Is No Division In God.mp3


Therefore Wait Ye Upon Me.mp3


The Resurrection.mp3


The Sword of God.mp3


The Tongueís of Fire.mp3


The True Meaning of Love.mp3


The Truth.mp3


The Virtuous Woman.mp3


The Word is a Burning Fire.mp3


The Word of Error.mp3


They Shall Believe a Lie Continued.mp3


This Too Shall Pass.mp3


Time and Chance.mp3 (Mothers Day 2013)




Unlikely Assignment.mp3


Understanding The Way of Escape.mp3


Under New Management.mp3


Walk In The Newness of Life.mp3


Walking In God's Ways.mp3


Walking In The Council of God.mp3


Wait Upon The Lord.mp3


Unconditional Love.mp3


Watch Your Step.mp3


Watch Out For The Rocks.mp3


Weeping In The Dark.mp3


Weeping, Moaning and Grace.mp3


We Are Moving Forward.mp3


We Are The Sonís of God.mp3


We Are a Mystery.mp3


We Are His Workmanship.mp3


We Are Witnesses.mp3


We Are Workers Together.mp3


We Make Plans and God Laughs.mp3


What Can Separate You From The Love of God.mp3




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